How to Utilize The Video Data Analysis of Your Store?

How to go to the "Insights" page?

1. Go to Firework homepage ( and click "Log in"

2. After logging into your Firework account, please select the channel associated with your store, and then click "Insights" > "Performance"

What metrics should merchants focus on?

When you browse the "Performance" page, you can see different metrics about your videos, including:


Descriptions (*subject to the latest official announcement)

Business total page views/Channel total page views

Total page views

Thumbnail clicks

An impression is defined as the number of times your video thumbnails were shown to viewers. This card measures how often viewers clicked and watched a video, after seeing its impression in the feed. Total clicks is displayed as a pie chart and CTR is displayed to the right


Cover CTR, calculated as total clicks divided by total impressions

Views for your channel videos

Total views for your videos across the web, mobile (iOS and Android apps), SDK for the selected date range. This includes other websites and apps that embed or link to videos from your channel

Watch time for your channel videos

Watch time for all the videos of this channel segmented by platform

Total watch time

Estimated total hours of viewing time of your content from your audience. This includes other websites and apps that embed or link to videos from your channel

Category insights for your videos

Views across different video categories, including other websites and apps that embed or link to your videos

Playlist Performance

Key metrics for each playlist

Top videos for your playlist

Video performance sorted by views

Hashtag Performance

Key metrics for each hashtag

Top 10 Hashtag Performance

Key metrics for your hashtags

Video Performance

Video performance sorted by views

Video Views by Story Type

Total views for different Story types, including Carousel, Grid, Storyblock, and Story Button; whenever a web page or app references or embeds a link to your video, the associated record will also be counted

Top URLs on my site with key metrics

Top sources of video views in order, including your web page and Firework channel

Top external domains where your original Videos were played

Top external domains, those external web pages and apps where viewers often watch your videos (not counting your own web traffic)

After clicking the "Video Performance" tab, you can understand the effectiveness of your promotion through different metrics:

You should focus on:

  • Thumbnail CTR - showing the percentage of times people saw your thumbnail and performed a click. If the percentage is too low, it may represent your title or thumbnail is not attractive, which cannot increase their interest in watching your video
  • Avg Watch Time - showing the average time your audiences spent on watching your video. There are few factors leading to a poor performance:

  • A mismatch between your video content and its title/thumbnail
  • The video length is too long
  • The content is not attractive

  • CTA CTR - showing the percentage of times people watched your video and performed a click of its call-to-action button. Similarly, it can lead to a poor result if your content is not appealing enough for your audiences

By gaining insights from the data and metrics, you can figure out the reason why your video cannot encourage potential customers to take actions. This is essential for you to find the right solution and improve the video performance.

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)