How to Upload Products

How to Upload Products via Boutir App

  1. Open Boutir App, click "Product"
  2. Click "⊕"
  3.  Choose (Single product ) 

    1. Choose to add product via Dropbox, Instagram, photo library, or take a product shot

      *Product photos are recommended to be square and 900 x 900 in size*


Add photos from Dropbox

  1. "Click on 'Add Photos from Dropbox'. If you want to use Dropbox, you can go to to register an account, and then upload your product photos to Dropbox.

    (A) If you are using an Android phone, clicking on Dropbox will directly take you to the Dropbox platform to upload your photos.

    (B) If you are using an IOS Apple phone, clicking on Dropbox will redirect you to the iCloud Drive. Please click 'Browse' at the upper-left corner, select 'Dropbox' in the location, and then you can access Dropbox to upload your photos."
  2. Select the desired photo>Press Open 


  3. After the product photo upload process finished , enter the required product information and click "Save"

Add product from photos or videos in your mobile album

  1. Select the desired photo/video', then click 'Next '
    (You can choose the corresponding album display through the 'Recent Items' in the upper-left corner)."
  2. Enter the required information and click "Save"


Take a product shot

  1. Click  Green Camera icon  to "Take a product shot"
  2. After taking photo shot, click “Use Photo”
  3. Then you may choose the photo you just took from you album and click Next .
    Enter the required information and click "Save"


How to Upload Products via Boutir Admin

  1. Go to Boutir Admin ( and login to your account
  2. Click "Create Product"

    (A) 1. Click 'Add from computer' in the box, you may select the photos/video , and click on the photo/video to drag it directly into the box."
    **You may also click (Add by URL ) to upload image or video through URL .

    2. After uploading the image, enter all the product details and click "Save"

B .New Function (Add product image /video from the Boutir to the Website CMS page )

1. Fill in the product information required and then press ( From Boutir App ) &save .

2.System will pop up QR code through the Website CMS page .
(Please don't close this page until whole process finish )

3. You may scan the Qr code through mobile device and it will direct you to the App upload image/video page .Select the desired  single / multi image or video and press (Next).
( Wait for the App upload process finish until it shows unload successfully )


4. Go back to the Website QR code page and press " Confirm" to refresh the page.

5.After that Photos uploaded to the product Page  successfully .
You may press Products to that  product page and press X to delete the photo(s) or drag and drop to reorder the image and Video is displayed after image(s).

(This tutorial is for reference and If there is any update on the feature the  latest version 

shall prevail)