How to Show Instagram & Facebook ID on Your Store?

How to get Instagram ID

Open the Instagram account you want to link, you will find the Instagram ID in the upper position

How to get Facebook ID

Refer to your Facebook URL (e.g., the ID appears after the symbol "/"; or you can go to and enter your Facebook URL to get Facebook ID

How to display Instagram and Facebook ID in online shop

1. Open Boutir App, tap "Store Setting"


2. Tap "Instagram ID"

3. Tap "Connect to Instagram" and login to your Instagram account to complete the connection

4. Tap "Facebook Page ID"

5. Tap "Continue as XXX" or login to your Facebook account to complete the connection

How Instagram and Facebook IDs will be displayed in online stores

Customers will be able to see the Instagram and Facebook icons and number of follower on your store

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail)