How to Set Up Google Analytics (GA-4)?

How to Set Up Google Analytics (GA-4)

1. After logging in to your Google account, go to and click "Start Measurement"

2. Enter the account name on the "Account Settings" page, the name can be your name or the name of the online shop (as long as you can identify it)

Click "Next" when finished

3. The system will create GA4 resources by default. Please enter the resource name in "Resource Settings", and then select the report time zone and currency. After that, you can modify the details of these resources in "Management" and click "Next" after completing the settings.

4. According to the business situation, select the corresponding industry category, business scale and GA4 purpose in "Provide merchant-related information", and then click "Create"

5. Select your location in the upper left corner of the page, accept the relevant Google Analytics terms of service, and click "I accept"

6. Select the email communications you want to receive and click Save

7. After creating an account and GA4 resources, please click "Internet" on the following page (Settings > "Data" > "Data Streaming")

8. Enter your online shop URL and stream name, then click "Create Stream"

9. After the stream is established, please evaluate the location of the ID and click Copy

How to Upgrade from Legacy GA to GA4

1. Sign in to your Google account and go to, then click Manage in the lower left corner

2. After finding the resource that is streaming with the online shop, click "Upgrade to GA4"

3. Click "Get Started" in "I need to create a new Google Analytics 4 resource"; even if a new GA4 is created, the old version of GA continues to collect data, and all data still exists

4. Click "Create Resource"

5. When you see the following "Setup Helper" page, it means that the system has created a new GA4 using the basic information of your old version of GA, including resource name, URL, time zone and currency, and automatically enables enhanced evaluation for your GA4. Function. Next, on this page, you can view the migration options for configuration settings (or start from scratch)

To copy the assessment ID for this GA4, click "Data Streaming" under Resources

6. Click the relevant web stream in the stream list

7. Please press the button inside the red column in the picture to copy the assessment ID

How to Install GA4 to Boutir 

1. Open Boutir App and turn on "Join Google Analytics"

2. Paste your copied "Assessment ID" in the "Google Analytics ID" and click "Save"

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail)