How to Set Up Bank Transfer as Payment Method

How to Set Up Bank Transfer As Payment Method via Boutir App

  1. Open Boutir App, click "Store Setting"

  2. Click "Payment"

  3. Turn on "Accept bank transfer"

  4.  Enter the number of days to complete the transaction
    *Order will automatically be canceled if customer has not completed transaction within the above mentioned day(s)

  5. Click "⊕ Add bank account"

  6. Enter the bank name, account number and account name, then click "Save"

    Note:- Prior this step, please copy the account number to avoid leaving this page while entering the above details (After the merchant receives the payment, please confirm the payment immediately, otherwise the order will be regarded as invalid and will be automatically canceled in the system).

  7. The bank name will be displayed on the "Payment" page

How to Set Up Bank Transfer as Payment Method via Boutir Admin 

  1. Go to Boutir Admin ( login to your account

  2. Click "Settings" > "Store Settings" > “Accept payments” 

  3. Under “Manual Payments”, click "Connect" 

  4. To change the details, click "Manage" under “Manual Payments”

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version 

shall prevail)