How to Install Google Analytics GA-4 to Boutir ?

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to install Google Analytics GA-4 to Boutir.


STEP 1: Sign in to your Google account and go to, then click “Admin” in the lower left corner and click “Data streams”.
Screenshot 2023-11-02 175220


STEP 2: Inside the Data Streams file you will get your linking website , click the relevant web stream in the stream list.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 175053


STEP 3: Please press the button inside the red column in the picture to copy the “MEASUREMENT ID”.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 174902


STEP 4: Open Boutir App and click "Google Analytics".

Screenshot 2023-11-02 174637


STEP 5: Click into the column “Google Analytics ID”.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 174544

STEP 6: Paste your copied "MEASUREMENT ID" in the " Your Google Analytics ID" and click "Save".

Screenshot 2023-11-02 174452

Congratulation! Now you had done install your Google Analytics GA-4 account to Boutir.


(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail)