How to import photos or reels from your instagram post through Boutir App?

Merchant may go to the Boutir App Product Page >Press the green + Logo > You may choose Single product / Batch import products to import reels or image from your Instagram account.

(Remind If a instagram post contain multiple photos and reels ,
1. you need to select every single photos and reels  by using Single product .
2.All photos and reels will show in the product page by using Batch import products )


1. If select Single product  you may choose press the Instagram logo to import the post photos /reel to create a single product .

2.Then you should able to select the reels or photos in your Instagram post to create a single product as below image.

3.After choose whether reels / image , it will import to the product page .
after Merchant set with the products details (Product Name,Price,Stock and save ) 
create product process is finished and a new product will show back in your product page .



1 . If select Batch import product  you may choose multi instagram post to create multiple products.and it will pop up the create product process one by one which match with the post quantity. (We suggest import not more than 30 post for a single process ) 




2. After fill in the products details (Product Name,Price,Stock  ) and save.
The whole process is finished and multiple products will show back in your product page .