How to Export Order Records

How to Export Order Records via Boutir App

1. On the Boutir app, go to the “Order” tab on the bottom left

2. Tap the “Export” symbol button on the top right corner. The orders will then be exported to your email.

3. The pop-up shown below should appear once the export is successful.

4. Please check your email for the file. In the exported Excel file, the following items will be displayed for every order.
    1. Order ID, Order time, Status, Payment, Name, Email, Phone, Shipping options, Shipping address, Total amount, PromoCode, Remark, Product ID, Product name

How to Export Order Records via Boutir Admin

1. Login to Boutir Admin (

2. Go to the “Orders” tab > “Export

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3. Once the orders have been exported, you will be led to a page where you can download the exported orders file. Click “Download Now”.

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)