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How to set up PayMe as payment method?

How to enable PayMe via Boutir App?

1. After registering for a PayMe personal account, please open Boutir app and tap “Store Setting” > “Payment” > “Accept PayMe” > “Personal”

2. Enter your personal account name and number of day(s) for completing a transaction. Please also enable “Mobile phone number registered for PayMe” and/or “Pay link and Pay code”

Tips for the activation:

  • To obtain your PayCode, please open PayMe app and tap “Me” > “My PayCode” > “Save”
  • To obtain your PayLink, please follow the steps mentioned above and customize your PayLink, then go back to the “My PayCode” page and find the link which is under the PayCode
  • To learn more about “Support display PayCode and PayLink for Payme Personal”, please read this article: (https://academyen.boutir.com/2022/04/06/6-4-2022-release-note/)
3. Please tap “Save” if the setting is correct


How to enable PayMe for Business via Boutir Admin?

1. Login to Boutir Admin (https://www.boutir.com/business)

2. Under the “Account” section on the sidebar, expand the “Settings” menu, select “Store settings”, and click the edit button inside the “Accept payments” card

3. Scroll down until you find PayMe and click “Connect”

4. Select “Business” as the account type

5. Input your Merchant ID and registered email address, then click “Connect” to save the settings

How to enable PayMe for Business via Boutir App?

1. Click the “Store Setting” Tab on the app’s home page

2. Click “Payment”

3. Scroll down and turn on “Accept PayMe”

4. Select “Business” as the account type and fill in your PayMe Merchant ID and registered email address

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)