How to Create "Add-On Deals"?

How to Create “Add-On Deals”?

1. Login to Boutir Admin (

2. Click “Promotions” > “Campaigns” > “Add campaigns”

3. Click “Please select campaign type” > “Add-on Deals”

4. Enter the campaign name (for record only, not displaying storefront)

5. Select your target audience

6. Set a requirement for the campaign:
    1. If there is no requirement, please click “Minimum Purchase” > “No”

         b. To set a minimum purchase amount, please click “Minimum Purchase” > “Yes” and enter the amount

    c. If customers are required to buy a particular product, please click “Required product” > “+ Add”. After selecting the product, please click “Add to list”

7. To set restriction(s) on the campaign, please click “Customers can buy single item only” or “Customers can buy multiple items”, followed by “+ Add”

8. After selecting the product(s) (max. 5), please click “Add to list”

9. Set the add-on price and purchase limit

10 . After setting the start and the end date, please click “Preview”
    1. Note: Once the campaign starts, you are not allowed to edit the start date, but you can extend the end date or stop the campaign anytime.

11 . Review the settings of the campaign:
    1. Please click “Change details” if the setting has to be changed
    2. Please click “Set up” if the setting is correct

12 . Please click the campaign if its setting has to be changed

Where can customers get information about the campaign?

If a minimum purchase amount is set for your campaign, customers can get the information from the:

  • Checkout page

If the campaign only applies to customers who buy a particular product, they can get the information from the:

  • Product page; and the

  • Checkout page

Important Notes:

  • Please note that all of your product options (if any) will be applied to the add-on deal:

  • Please remind your customers to add the add-on item to their carts from one of the above pages. Otherwise, they cannot enjoy your discount.
  • When both “First Purchase Offer” and “Member Order Discount” are active, members who have never made any purchases before can only see and enjoy the “First Purchase Offer” once they reach the requirements.
  • The quota for each type of campaign:


Essential Plan

First purchase offer


Order discount


Shipping discount


Free gift campaign


Product discount


Add-on deals



Note: “Add-On Deals” campaign is only available to create on Boutir Admin.

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)