How to Add Hashtags to Products?

How to Add Hashtags via Boutir Admin?

  1. Login to Boutir Admin (
  2. Go to the “Products” sidebar > “Manage Product Hashtag”. This page allows you to easily see and manage all hashtags as well as the products that are under that particular hashtag.

  3. To create a new hashtag, click “Create Hashtag” > input the name of the hashtag > select the products you’d like to be under that hashtag > click “Confirm and create
a. Hashtags in Chinese are limited to 10 characters maximum. Hashtags in English are limited to 30 alpha-numerical characters maximum

4. You can also add a hashtag directly through the product page of each product. To do so, click on the “Products” sidebar > “Product List” > select the particular product you want in order to edit it. You can also click “Create Product” to add a new product

5. Once you’re on the “Edit Product” page, scroll down to find “Hashtags to feature themes” > “Add Tag

6. Add new hashtags or choose from existing tags. If you created a new hashtag, click “Add to List”. Once done, click “Confirm


  • There is no limit to the total number of hashtags that can be put or the number of hashtags that can be added to each product.
  • This hashtag feature does not support the feature of uploading products using CSV.
  • This hashtag feature can only be managed through Boutir Admin, and not on Boutir App

How Customers Can Make Use of Hashtags?

  1. Hashtags will appear as HotPicks on the store front

  2. When customer clicks on the desired hashtag, the online store page will only display the products with the Hashtag added
    *Each item can add more than 1 Hashtag

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)