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How to Set Up Tap & Go as Payment Method?

1. ​​Go to the official website of HKT Merchant Services (https://www.hktmerchantservices.com/home/en/), then click on “Apply now

2. Enter your Email, Family and Given name, Job title, Mobile Number and Password, then click on “Register

3. The system will send you an email attached with a verification code. Please verify your identity according to the instructions.

4. After you have verified your identity, please select “Online Payment Gateway

5. Choose your Business model and Average amount per transaction, then click on “Next

a. Caution: If your business model is “Restaurants”, please upload a copy of food license/permit

6. Please select the payment methods to be activated in “Online Payment Gateway”, then click on “Next
    1. Caution:
      1. If necessary, you can activate other services simultaneously; Otherwise, please click on “Clear”
      2. For details of other services, please browse HKT Merchants Services Official Website to know more

7. Please insert “BOUTIR” in “Referral code”, then click on “Next

8. Enter Estimated total monthly sales turnover, arrange the Percentage share of different payment methods, then click on “Next”

9. By using the Transaction Fee Calculator, recognize the Suggested Transaction Fees, then click on “Next

10. Set the maximum payment limit per single transaction via FPS and Tap & Go, then click on “Next

11. Enter and upload Basic information, for example, Merchant name, Company telephone, Company email, and so on, then click on “Next

12. Enter and upload related information according to your Business Registration Certificate, then click on “Next

13. If your company is classified as a limited company, please enter and upload related information based on your Certificate of Incorporation, then click on “Next

14. If your company belongs to a Listed Parent Company, please enter and upload related information based on the Business Registration Certificate of your parent company, then click on “Next

15. Enter Contact person details, then click on “Next

16. Enter and upload Settlement bank Information, then click on “Next
    1. Caution: By clicking on “Next”, it implies that you have authorized HKT Payment Limited to transfer the net transaction income to this specified bank account.

17. Enter and upload Management / beneficial owner information, then click on “Next

18. Provide Additional Information, then click on “Next

19. Confirm the information that you have entered and uploaded, then click on “Confirm


20. Confirm your signatory, and sign the “Application Documents”. After that, click on “Confirm and sign”, “Print & Sign”, and “Confirm and submit

21. Once the merchant has successfully submitted the application, the following page will be shown:

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Application?

  • For Online Payment Services, you can complete registration within 10 minutes at the earliest. The approval process takes around 14 working days.
  • Application processing time will depend on the actual situation and the integrity of documents merchants have provided


How to Set Up Tap & Go via Boutir App?

1. Open your Boutir app homepage, then click on “Store Setting

2. Click on “Payment

3. Activate “Tap & Go

4. If the merchant has successfully activated Tap & Go, a confirmation email attached with a txt file (API Key (WEB_APP) (PROD).txt) will be received by the merchant. Please open the file, and copy all the texts shown in the file, then paste them in the blank beneath “Activation code”. Then click “Save”.


How Do Customers Pay with Tap & Go?

1. After customers have added products to their Shopping cart, entered order information, and chosen their preferred delivery method, they can choose “Pay with Tap & Go”, then click on “Confirm to pay

2. Click on “Confirm to buy

3. If:
a. Customers are shopping on a computer, they need to use their smartphone to scan the QR code shown on the website, in order to open their Tap & Go e-wallet

b. Customers are shopping on a smartphone, please click on “Enter” to open Tap & Go e-wallet

4. Click on “Pay

5. Enter PIN, then click on “OK

6. The page will show the Payment Result, please click on “Back to Tap & Go Main Page

7. Customers can view the Shopping Receipt at the online store


If you have any inquiries regarding Tap & Go, please contact the following:

About Online Payment Gateway

HKT Merchant Services:

  • Merchant Hotline: 2888 3388 (Office hour: 9:00am – 12:00am)
  • Email: HKTMerchantServices@pccw.com

About “Smart POS”

HKT SME Solution:

  • Customer Service Hotline: 10088 / 120120
  • Online Form of Inquiry: https://www.hkt-sme.com/contact-us/
  • Online Instant Communication: Press here


  • Tap & Go service is only available for merchants with a valid Hong Kong Business Registration (BR)
  • The handling charge will be 1.3% of the transaction amount.

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)