How to Set Up Google Smart Shopping Campaigns?

1. Open Boutir App,  click “Promotion”. After making sure the total credit is sufficient, click “Create” under “GOOGLE SHOPPING

2. Select the desired products. We recommend selecting all products to achieve the best result (in order to maximize advertising efficiency, we recommend merchants have at least 50 items. Therefore, especially if the number of items is small, we suggest that merchants promote all items).

3. Click on the pencil illustration next to “Ad name

4. Input the Ad name, then click on “Done” in the upper right corner. The ad name is for the merchant’s own internal record only, it will NOT be displayed on the ad.

5. After confirming the ad name and the choice of products (or product group), please click on “Continue” at the bottom

6. Click on “Set up now” under “Haven’t set budget and ad duration?

7. First, set the Start date and End date of the ad (*at least 1 month). Next, enter your own daily budget for the ad (*suggested to be at least HKD $50), then click on “Done

8. Click on “Set up now” under “Haven’t set bid strategy?

9. Select “Maximize conversion value”. If necessary, you can set a “Target return on ad spend (ROAS)”, then click on “Done

Note: If merchants do not have experience in placing Google ads, we recommend NOT setting a “Target return on ad spend (ROAS)” to avoid lowering the conversion value, affecting the ad performance

10. After confirming all the ad settings, please click on “Confirm to schedule”. 

Caution: Once the ad starts running, we strongly recommend you not to make any changes, as this may affect the effectiveness of the ad, as well as Google’s data collection

11. Google will then examine your ad. If it is approved, you should publish your ad for at least 1 month to help you better understand its effectiveness

12. You may click on “View performance” under “Promotion”, and learn more about the status of relevant Google Ads

Note: A 15% service charge will be charged for advertisements placed via Boutir

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)