How to change Store Theme?

*Store Theme is available to merchants who subscribe to the "Advanced Plan" and the "Video Commerce Plan". It can only be set up on Boutir web portal. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

  1. Login to Boutir web portal (

  2. Click「Design」>「Theme Library」

    (Theme library will be continuously updated to provide more well-designed themes.)

  3. Select Theme > Click "Preview"

  4. Preview Themes
    1. Click the device icons to preview responsive design.
    2. Select "Preset styles" or keeping the current brand style to preview.
    3. Click "Apply" to enter the page editor.

  5. Edit and publish new theme

    Before editing,please read the reminder carefully.**


    Start editing:

    1. Click the icons on the left to edit "Brand Style", "Custom pages", "Page header" and "Page footer".
    2. Select components to edit style and content.
    3. Click "Publish" after finished editing.

  6. Theme switched successfully

**Import notes:

  1. Please note that the changes made will be saved only if you click "Publish". Make sure you finish editing before leaving the page.
  2. The system will make an effort to transfer your existing homepage content to the new theme. Additionally, it will retain the original components at the bottom of the new homepage. However, please review and delete any unnecessary elements to ensure a clean and streamlined design.
  3. If you created some custom pages before, please carefully review each page before publishing as any changes made will affect your entire storefront. Once published, the modifications will be applied globally. Take your time to verify everything is in order before proceeding.

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)