July 27 - Customized Page function added; auto-update product lists by category

Updated Features:
1. Set your custom page as your branded homepage!
2. Greeting player on your homepage
3. New custom page component - auto update by category
4. Add BoC Pay logo on storefront

1. Set your Custom Page as your branded Homepage!

To stand out from competitors, businesses want to flexibly present their products and brands on storefront their own ways. With this update, you are able to create and customise your store homepage with any content you like – video, images, products. You will have your unique homepage.

  • Setting in Boutir Web Portal:


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How to Create a Customized Page?

2. Greeting Player on your Homepage (adding human touch elements to your site!) 

Online shopping lacks the human touch of shopping at physical stores. To add human touch to your online store, a greeting video on homepage could help. You can now add a greeting video on homepage which greets, introduces your shop and your products to customers. The video will auto-play at the bottom of your homepage to deliver warmth.

  • Greeting Player on Homepage:

This feature is in Beta and available to Video Commerce Plan Subscribers on demand. Please contact us if you are interested to test it out.

Email: cs@boutir.com
Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/boutir.hk 
WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=85294512053 

3. New custom page component - auto update by category

Successful retailing business needs to strategically feature products, and changes frequently. More product featuring leads to more sales.  The existing product component can only feature up to 8 products and updating it takes quite some steps.

With the update, you can now feature the most up-to-date products of a category on homepage automatically . You don’t need to manually hand-pick products to the module.

  • Setting in Boutir Web Portal:


4. Add BoC Pay badges on Storefront 

2022 Consumption Voucher Phase 2 will begin soon, tell your customers you can now accept the two additional payments.

Apart from Alipay, Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay, you can now also present BoC Pay and PayMe logos at the store. Your customers can pay with BoC pay in checkout. You can also add BoC Pay logo on footer.

  • Setting in Boutir Web Portal:

*This feature is only available in Hong Kong Region